Peak 10 Internet Data Center was there when we needed them.

These days when you find a service oriented company, its worth mentioning. So here goes. Peak 10 has been our colo provider now for about 6 years. And in that time I can’t think of one bad experience. From the technicians on the floor, to the folks in the NOC in Charlotte, to senior management. Everyone has always demonstrated a very high level of professionalism.

Here’s the home run and why anyone who is operating important web servers should strongly consider Peak 10. A couple of years ago, our primary web hosting platform including all of our customer’s web sites suddenly went down. Nothing was responding. We we’re at our cabinet at Peak 10 in minutes, logged in at the console and the server is fine? Everything checked out. By this time the Peak 10 tech on duty is offering assistance, (very cool). After some basic checking on their end of the all the obvious possible connectivity issues and some packet sniffing, we identify the problem. Our gateway was being pounded with failed login requests from some IP address in the Pacific rim.

So here we are. Some real nice guy in the Orient has decided to completely shut us down with a DOS attack. I mean gigs of data. We were being pounded. Who knows why, but it was happening to our gateway IP. Talk about feeling helpless. We couldn’t even block the originating IP’s in our firewalls because of the sheer amount of traffic they were hammering us with. We even pulled our main drop to see if they would automatically stop if our platform stopped responding, but as soon as we went back online, we were slammed again. Nothing worked.

So in desperation I called my representative at the time (who already knew what was going on) and asked if they could help. Within a few minutes the answer I needed was back. It took a few minutes but they actually blocked the IP addresses that were originating the traffic in their Cisco 12000 core routers. This immediately stopped the assault on our hosting platform. I swear I heard angels singing.

Just so everyone knows, this is not typical. To my knowledge, it is not the carrier or datacenter’s problem or responsibility to protect anyone’s hosting platform from such an attach unless they offer such a service and or you pay for it. Peak 10 stepped up when we needed them and for that I am eternally grateful. We will be their customer for a very long time. Thanks guys!