The Cost of Good Web Design – Template Firms

This is a series of articles about the web design options available and the cost of good web design.

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“Template” web design solutions

You can find them all over the Internet and a lot of “web design” firms like to use templates to cut the cost of design time in order to offer you a lower overall price. Templates can be used as a shortcut that will give you a nice look and feel. But look close at your quote for “Additional” costs. The problem with templates is that “the house is already there” to use an analogy.

These firms will want you to stick to the floor plan that is already there so you are sort of hand cuffed into sticking to the layout of the template and insert text and images where the template allows you to. It is likely that you are going to want to make an adjustment, but beware; this is where what started as a low cost option begins to increase in price.

This is where the “Template” design firm may run into issues and your original quote goes out the window. It’s a template! The whole idea with a template is that it is quick and cheap. All you are supposed to do is fill in the spaces with text and images and insert your logo.

This is also why the firms that use them often do so; because they have limitations with high-end design. And as soon as you ask them to crack open the template and start tweaking it more to your liking, you are now asking for custom web design you will find yourself paying what you would have paid a custom design firm.

Back to the analogy; if the house is too small or not quite what you want, and you’re not sure about the floor plan, would you buy it an pay to change it, or would you just find one you like better or build exactly what you want to begin with.

If you do go this route with your new web site, choose your template and gain an agreement of what you want done with it to make it your company web site before signing a contract. You’ll avoid surprises this way.

Trust me on this. You are going to want to make adjustments to your web site as it is being built. Absolutely every project we have completed over the last ten years included some level of adjusting during design and development. And your project will too.