The Cost of Good Web Design

This is a series of articles about the web design options available and the cost of good web design.

So you’re out there trying to sift through a handful of quotes you’ve received along with some surfing you’ve done to try and identify the best web design company to help you build your new web site. And like most things you’ve never had to do, you’re learning how complicated a decision like this can be. Of course you want the best site you can get for the money but there is one thing that’s driving you nuts; there is a huge difference between the lowest quote you’ve been given and the highest.

So now you’re perplexed. Are these guys the least expensive because they don’t know what their doing? And the other guys; are they the most expensive because they have a big ego? Exactly what is a fair price for a well built web site that will work for me? Hopefully, what I’m about to tell you will help…

First, understand this. Anyone in business knows that businesses have to make a profit to stay in business. Thus every web design firm or web site solution provider has to make a profit. Now, there are different business models in the web design industry just like any other industry. Some are models of scale (high volume) while other firms focus more on the details of quality web design such as careful attention to SEO, clean code, original detailed text content and so on. Either way you go will have its upsides and downsides. Your decision needs to rest with what is most important to you.

That being said, there are solutions of scale and a variety of strategies. Below are a few more common models:

  • Web design companies who use web site templates.
  • Web site companies who will build your web site for a low cost up front but charge a considerably higher price monthly for support and hosting, (and require contracts).
  • Small firms or freelancers who don’t have the overhead or resources of a full service firm can be economical but may not have the depth for your project.
  • Larger firms with depth in staff that seems to have a reasonable price
  • Larger firms with extensive experience that fall into the high priced solution category

And there are different pricing models as I alluded to above:

  • Just plain cheap, quick and easy web site design
  • Low up front investment with a term contract of inflated hosting and support costs
  • Web design and development by the hour

So what is best for you? This series help you organize your decision making on all this. There is a market out there for each of the above, which is why they exist. But where do you fit in?

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