Why Email Marketing?

Just in the past year, I’ve been posed the questions “Why Email Marketing?” more times than I can count. My answer? Because email marketing works – if created and optimized properly.

So How Do I Know My Email Marketing Campaign is Optimized?

Simple. When you sit down to layout your email marketing blast, think about what you would want to read. Put yourself in the user’s place. I can tell you from personal experience, I get at least 15 to 20 email marketing promotions from various sites, per day, that I’ve signed up for and some that I haven’t signed up for. And very rarely do I find myself clicking on their email – unless I trust the source or the email subject line GRABS my attention (which can be hard to do, since I have a short attention span).

Email marketing subject lines like “SUPER DUPER AWESOME SAVINGS, CLICK NOW AND GET WACKY WITH US” rarely provoke me to open them. First of all, I LOATHE all caps (unless I’m making a point) because honestly, I feel like the email is yelling at me. Just like when I’m watching a nice quiet television show and then a very loud commercial with a screaming man invades my living room…that usually results in a channel turn.

Helpful Information and Providing a User-friendly Experience Goes a Long Way

I just recently sent out a company-wide email marketing newsletter and received an opt-out from an individual who was interested in our company, but had to wait for whatever reasons. I was a little upset at first when they opted out, but then I noticed, they actually read the newsletter! Among the company announcements and other things, I added a blog post about how to find out where you rank among your competitors…and low and behold, the individual who opted-out had clicked through to read this particular blog post.

So why would I be excited about this? Because even if they decide not to do business with us, that person will always remember the advice we gave them and they will view us as providing knowledgeable and helpful expertise.

Benefits of Email Marketing Go Beyond Reaching Your Clients

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach out to your current clients or potential clients. Here are some handy tips for a good email marketing campaign:

1. Announce flash Deals/Specials/Giveaways
2. Announce new employees or services that your client may benefit from
3. Announce open houses, mixers and events with free giveaways (everyone loves freebies)
4. Review services. For ex, if you own a bookstore, read and review a book once a month, compose a blog or page on your web site and in the newsletter, provide a brief synopsis of your review and then link over to your blog or web site.
5. Product spotlight – offer reviews and special savings for the product

Learn about BoomClient’s email marketing experience!

You clients love to feel special or to get noticed, so take care of them!

Also, email marketing solutions, such as Constant Contact provide amazing online tools, customer support and marketing seminars that allow you to maximize your usage from the tool.

I recently attended a Constant Contact seminar in where I learned so much about setting up a newsletter it’s ridiculous. Not only was the host friendly and knowledgeable, but she answered every question that anyone in the audience had.  She offered a helpful experience…just how like I like my emails!