Jacksonville Website Design

Jacksonville Website Design

High Performance Websites that Look Great on All Devices

As one of Jacksonville’s oldest website design firms, our goal has always been to design truly unique and successful websites, websites that make visitors stop and say wow! And that also reach their intended audiences by ranking very well in the search engines. And we have been able to accomplish these goals through the skills of our experienced staff and staying at the leading edge of our industry. We provide our clients with web sites that look and work great on any device, are friendly and easy to use, and that consistently achieve top search engine rankings.

Our common sense approach to website design is one of the main reasons we are so well received by our clients and continually receive repeat business and referrals from them. We have built our company around an understanding that individuals and businesses that need a website, don’t just need a website, they need assistance and guidance with every aspect of creating their website, hosting and managing their website, technical support, and for us to make sure it stays at the top of the search rankings. In short, to manage and continually improve their web presence. Business never stands still, and your web site shouldn’t either.

Jacksonville Website DesignOur Jacksonville Website Design and SEO Process

Our Jacksonville Website Design and SEO Process

Every website that we create is created from scratch and comes together through a series of important steps that assure that the new website looks professional, is friendly and functions well on all devices, and is thoroughly optimized to achieve high rankings in Google and other search engines.

We have no interest in mass-producing websites. Our customized approach to each project we take on allows for the appropriate amount of time for research and planning, design, and to apply our extensive knowledge and understanding of SEO throughout the entire process. The following is an overview of our website design and SEO process. These steps also have links to more detailed information about each respective area of our website design and SEO process.

Jacksonville Website DesignThe Design Plan

The Design Plan

The first step in designing a great website is for us to gain a clear understanding your goals and objectives. In other words, the “purpose” of your web site and how you will be expecting it to help your business. While we create websites for many purposes, most often our clients are interested in promoting their business and attracting new customers, clients and or patients. In order for us to accurately present a business, we need to understand the products and services the business provides and or manufactures and what differentiates the business from its competitors.

After a detailed discussion and referencing websites that our client’s new website will be competing against, we’ll discuss possible design concepts, the products, services and other information and functionality that will be need to be a part of the new website. We will also give attention to any design ideas our client may have seen in other websites. With these details and information, we will create a “Project Diagram”. The project diagram will serve as a blueprint that will be referred to and used by everyone involved in the design and optimization of the new website.

The project diagram is a very important document that details the structural aspects of the new website. Individual pages, navigational structure, public and private areas, needed databases, etc. are all documented in the project diagram. The project diagram also helps our clients visualize how their new website will be organized. The project diagram is also accompanied by our “Statement of Work”. The statement of work details the amount of time that we feel will be needed to complete the various aspects of the new website, the project’s cost and payment terms. The statement of work serves as our agreement to complete the website as per the project diagram and the tasks defined and cost stated. Our clients always know their fixed project cost before any work begins.

Website Diagram

Jacksonville Website DesignThe SEO Plan

The SEO Plan

Having a website that is properly optimized to achieve high search rankings is very important to most businesses today. As a result we treat search engine optimization or SEO as the most important part of designing websites for our clients. We go to great lengths to assure that every aspect of the websites we create are built to produce results.

Our SEO efforts begin on day 1. Referring to the project diagram, we begin to research websites that we will be competing with and testing key phrases to identify the top used key phrases and what search results they produce. After we complete this research, one key phrase is selected and assigned to each page that is planned for the new website. It is important to identify and select the top key phrases that will be used before design begins because of how and where we use each respective page’s key phrase. (We’ll explain how we do this in detail when we meet).

SEO planning must be done before design begins because optimization has to be considered in every aspect of website design. Everyone involved in the creation of the website will follow the SEO plan as closely as they follow the design plan. Buttons and links, images, graphics, text content and many other aspects of the website are all optimized as the website is built, and optimized a certain way. And the best way to execute a well planned SEO strategy is during the design design process. Effective SEO is not an afterthought, it is the foundation of all high performance websites.

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Learn More About Our Intensive SEO Services

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SEO Services
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Jacksonville Website DesignPhotography and Video

Photography and Video

Images and videos can dramatically improve the performance of a website in multiple ways. And we often go on-site to shoot the photos and videos that will be needed to accurately and professionally present our client’s business, their staff, products they sell and manufacture, manufacturing processes and the services they provide. We also shoot photos and videos that we use for backgrounds and to reinforce and draw attention to text content.

Photos and videos are also a very important aspect of SEO. One of Google’s primary goals is to “create a great user experience” for their users. And a visually stimulating website loaded with informative images and videos is much more likely to rank better than websites with limited imagery and video.

Professional Photography for Specialized Services
Onsite Manufacturing Photography

In addition to ending up with a very informative and interesting website that is even more optimized for great search rankings, You will receive digital copies of all of the photos we shoot and the videos we produce so you can use them in other forms of marketing and advertising.

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On-Site Photography | Video Production

Learn More About Our Custom On-Site Photography and Video Production services

On-Site Photography
Video Production

Jacksonville Website DesignJacksonville Website Design

Jacksonville Website Design

After receiving our client’s approval on the site diagram and having completed our SEO research and optimization planning, we begin to design the initial look and feel of the new website. Usually within a couple of weeks we will be able to present the initial home page and subpage designs. We will use stock photos as needed and as place holders for planned on-site photos and videos. And after making any requested adjustments and receiving our client’s approval, we proceed with development.

During the design phase, our designers, photographers, content developers and SEO specialists closely coordinate to assure that the new website rivals competing websites in every way and are optimized by our experienced SEO team that couples their experience with some of our industries most advanced SEO analysis tools to achieve the best possible rankings in Google and other search engines.

Also during the entire project, our clients have full access to the website in development so they can follow along as their new website comes together. This allows clients to request any edits or changes they feel are needed while they are easy to make. It also assures that each project goas smoothly with no surprises for us or our client and always results in a new website that is exactly what our client envisioned.

Jacksonville Website DesignManaged Website Hosting

Managed Website Hosting

Many Jacksonville website design companies don’t talk very much about website hosting because they don’t offer it. They often set up hosting with a third party hosting provider such as bluehost or Godaddy and take no part in managing the resources, software and hardware associated to a website hosting platform. Website Hosting is very important to us because it can have a significant impact on website performance and thus good search rankings.

We go to great lengths to provide an optimal environment for all of our client’s websites. Our servers are not overloaded with thousands of websites or poor quality websites that may or may not be properly protected from viruses or hacking. Our hosting platform is equipped with the industries top website hosting software; Litespeed®, high performance processors and other resources to assure very fast load times, and multiple layers of security. Our website hosting is a very safe, high performance home for our client’s websites.

As a part of our managed website hosting services, we provide all technical aspects of loading the new website to the server and all needed domain name adjustments to make it live. We provide any emergency technical support if for some reason a website stops functioning properly. We make all updates to website frameworks like WordPress, the website’s theme and all plugins. And if a client needs an update to their website, we perform the update at a reduced hosting client rate.

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Managed Website Hosting

Managed Website Hosting in Jacksonville

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