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We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve many large corporations, local businesses and professionals who needed custom web design in Jacksonville and around the country. We are a Jacksonville based web design and seo company that began back in November, 2001 as Vision Networks.

In 2003, with the Internet rapidly becoming an important tool for businesses of all types, We made the decision scale back our portfolio of services and focus exclusively on web design and web application development, and the ability to back every website we created with managed web hosting and ongoing support. Our goal was and still is to help our clients develop and maintain a professional and highly effective online presence.

In 2009, Vision Networks would become BoomClient as a result of our growing concern that the name “Vision Networks” no longer accurately portrayed our core capabilities. We selected “BoomClient” as a name that would reflect our interest in helping our clients achieve their ultimate goal to “Grow”, (Boom) their “Customer Base”, (Client) using the incredible reach and marketing power of a professionally designed and optimized website.

Web design in Jacksonville has changed considerably since we began, but we’ve remained at the leading edge of technology every step of the way. We have made a study of Google and how to create websites that consistently rank very well in Google. By using the industries best web hosting software, special caching software and design techniques to ensure that the websites we build work and load fast on all types of devices. And our projects often include on-site visits to capture custom photos and video of our client’s businesses, products and services. These and other aspects of our suite of services coupled with our extensive experience provide our clients any level of creativity, the benefits of a well crafted high performance website, and the comfort of knowing that their website will be hosted and supported for the long run.

Thank you for visiting! And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with your website, even if you just have some questions. We can help with new websites from the ground up, improving or redesigning existing websites, SEO and managed website hosting and support services.

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Amazing doesn’t happen without a plan. We’ll begin your project with a detailed search optimization strategy and design plan.


That results in very professional, high performance websites that work and look great on all devices, and rank very well with Google.


Stock photos simply can’t match the details about your business, products and services that we can show with photos of the real thing.


The engaging effects of video cause 88% of visitors to stay on your website longer.

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